Sound Spots


Poetry on a Plane:

Glittering circuits of cities go by. My mind's eye: feasting. Imagination running wild. The world is tiled. Floor work. People's lives. Individual eyes don't see past their own lights. They blink and don't think. There's more to see, so I don't sleep. I sit awake and take deep breaths of the scenery, and the feeling of endless possibility. Stars in the sky and on the ground. Highway lights tie, wind, and bind. So clear from above, I took a chance and dove through the clouds, over towns, and into the night.

My First Song Ever!


This is "The Jazz". The first song I ever wrote wayyyy back in the elementary school days. My dad let me play on his computer and his Finale software. One of the only inspirations I remember was making the smallest note the software would allow me... Please enjoy 🙂