After receiving a LOT of criticism on the water bottle I was using, I figured I’d give redesigning it a go. There was definitely more positive feedback on my sketch, and it was unanimously considered an improvement. I still, however, use the one that actually exists.

IHNGC – volunteer work

Interfaith Hospitality Network of Greater Cincinnati


This beautiful wonderful amazing organization is where, when I am in Cincinnati, I spend a few hours every week. I adore this place. My work as a volunteer is with the animals. They are not just any animals, they are pets of people who are working to find jobs and housing. What makes this shelter so special is that we keep these families together, with their pets, while they get back on their feet.

Every year, there is a fundraiser to engage with the community, and help keep this program alive. This year, my volunteer coordinator asked me to make a welcome banner, which you see above. It was so cool to be able to apply the design skills I am building at school to a project I am very involved in and passionate about.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the program or getting involved. We can always use more helping hands!