How-To: Find the Perfect Brighton Rock

As I walked down the street heading towards the beach, my anticipation built quickly and steadily. The never ending expanse of the ocean, the sweeping winds, the crash of the waves. It was all exciting and entrancing. One thing I do tend to dread about the beach though: sand.

Coarse grains getting…. well – everywhere. Often it even finds it’s way into the crevices of my teeth, leaving me with that awful terrible cringey feeling that my tooth is going to break in half because of one tiny particle. Upon getting to the beach, I looked over the ocean, I breathed in the sea air, I looked down to where I would soon walk… and there was no sand!

Rocks! Big Rocks! Brighton Beach, I now know, is known for this rock. I danced down to the beach to take a closer look. Beautiful rocks! The variety and color and shapes and textures were worth exploring. I quickly decided I must have one for my own. But which one?

How to Pick your Rock


Someday you may come across the same conundrum. Picking a Brighton rock out for your very own. Never fear, you won’t have the same challenges that I did because here I am to provide you with a quick, concise, how-to on choosing a Brighton rock.

Let’s start with color: what do you want this rock to embody? There is a ton of research about color psychology, and I will now break it down quickly and simply here for you – rocky colors only:


Now onto texture. This category is a little bit trickier, and a lot of it depends on the use. Are you using your rock as a rubbing stone to cope with stress? Pick a smoother texture. Are you fascinated with the nooks and crannies? Rough. Check out the patterning that the textures create. Which one intrigues you?

Size. Pick an appropriately sized rock. Yes, there are some that will barely fit in your hand, but is that practical? Do you want to lug a huge rock around all day? Maybe the answer is yes and you are making a statement about the emotional weight of the objects we choose to keep (that sounds familiar). But more likely, you want something that will fit nicely in your hand. Feel the ergonomics of the shape. Is there an uncomfortable bugle in a particular spot? Find another one. Don’t settle.

Final question: Do you want an edible rock? If you are answering yes to this question, then there is a specific place for you to look. You should leave the beach area, head to the pier, and pick up some Brighton Rock from one of the many (cash-only) candy shops. Heads up: there are many different flavors to choose from, but that is a “How To” for another day.

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