Hello world!


.. That’s really what this first week has felt like.

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London is a huge Metropolis with a ton of people. I wouldn’t say everything is go go go all the time. It’s a city that definitely sleeps.. Half the city shuts down at 5:00 pm it seems. But, it is for sure an extremely diverse city.

That’s one of the things I have really enjoyed thus far. The beauty of walking down the street and hearing as many as 5 different languages in a one-block walk is mind blowing. Even accent to accent, keeping up with people as they speak has been an awesome challenge for me. The guy at Starbucks asked me if I wanted my croissant, “warmed?” and for the life of me I could not understand what he was asking. “Heated UP.” Yeah, my brain finally wrapped itself around the question and responded with a yes.

Ohio is supposed to be one of the least accented places. We are known for turning out great news reporters because we are so easy to understand. But transitioning here, where everyone sounds quite unique – even one English accent to another – I have realized that Ohio didn’t prepare my cranium for the different sounds of English. This is definitely an opportunity for me to better my brain.  

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