The start of this project was a desire to create from clay, and a need to add a technical aspect. After a lot of thinking, I knew I was going to make a fountain series. I let the medium direct the subject matter. What interacts with water? Well, all of life: plants, animals humans. That was my starting point.


Buddy the dog is my nephew (so to speak). He is loving, energetic, and always hungry, as all dogs are. I used him as a starting point. Hence, the drooling dog named buddy. My dog fountain was so much fun to sculpt. I remember thinking it felt just like petting a dog once I got his form, and it helped to close my eyes and imagine I really was petting a dog to get proportions and shape. I can now say fairly confidently that when God was sculpting the first dogs, he probably had to pause to say, “Now THIS is gonna be a cute one.” 


I always see this article that ceramicists really know how to deal with failure. The author cites a ceramicist’s complete lack of control at certain stages of building, such as firing and firing after painting.

Here is another one: a cat in a studio. Piper, the cat, decided to lovingly rub against my Boy Watering Flowers, and it broke his poor little arm. Turns out, this gave me the flexibility I needed to install the “plumbing” for the fountain. Upsetting initially, then a success from a failure.


For this installment, really considered how humans interact with water. I thought about the fact that we need it to survive. Then, I realized how uncomfortable we find it. That’s why this focuses on how we do our best to avoid it: a raincoat and an umbrella (also these pictures feature the cat that broke my boy’s arm).


After receiving a LOT of criticism on the water bottle I was using, I figured I’d give redesigning it a go. There was definitely more positive feedback on my sketch, and it was unanimously considered an improvement. I still, however, use the one that actually exists.